The Detroit Pistons have hired legendary coach, and longtime rival, Phil Jackson to coach them on how to hire a new head coach.

You got excited there for a second didn't you?  The words Phil Jackson, Coach and Pistons all in the same sentence make any Pistons fans mouth water.  While he won't be on the bench for Detroit, this could be a huge step in finding the right guy for the job.

Flint native, and Pistons owner, Tom Gores said that Jackson was, "A friend and one of the best minds in the business . . . We are thrilled to have him as an adviser as we make some very important decisions for this franchise.''

Any true Pistons fan will still hold a little contempt in their heart for the bitter rivalry formed between Jackson's Bulls teams and our championship Pistons.  But swallowing a little pride is a small price to pay to have Phil helping our team.