A pizza delivery boy accidentally butt dialed a customer and left possible the most racist voicemall ever.

A couple ordered a pizza for delivery one night all seemed ok they leave a good tip and carried on with there lives. Then they received a missed call and voice mail from the pizza delivery boys cell phone. It actually was the delivery boy butt dialing there phone which clearly is the pizza boy and a co-worker saying some of the most hateful and oddly creative racial remarks. Both employees have been fired and the C.E.O of Papa Johns has apologized. But it is still unknown if that couple got there pizza for free.

First off who still has a phone with buttons that actually can be dialed in your pocket. Everybody knows that smart phones get locked before they are put away. This dude deserves everything he gets and I love that they left his number on the video so every black person in  America can call and leave a message. This is the first and only time I am happy that someone lost there job because of racism.