Life is getting out of hand in my personal opinion.  With so many things going on and reported in the media, you can not over look this story.  The 'morning after' pill also known as Plan B. can now be purchased by any 15 year old girl at local pharmacies.  Crazy right?

The Federal Drug Administration has approved for the 'morning after' pill to be available to purchase over the counter.  Girls at as young as 15 years old can purchase the pill without parents consent or prescription.

A U.S. District Judge ruled the pill should be available to all women.  However, the Obama Administration has the ability to appeal the decision by May 5th, 2013.  If the appeal is not filed on time, the pill will be available to girls without age restriction.  Wow.

Young people are having sex at an younger age than in the past.  Teen pregnancies seem to be thing to do.  With television shows like 'Teen Mom,' it has become increasingly popular to get pregnant.  I do not think putting more restrictions on access to the 'morning after' pill is the solution to teen pregnancies but where do we draw the line?

Do you think the FDA is wrong for approving the sale of the 'morning after' pill to young girls?


via SandraRose