Wyandotte police and fire came to the rescue of a dog that was trapped on the Detroit River.

There's nothing more terrifying as a pet owner than your dog running away. Unless your dog runs off and somehow finds her way onto a giant piece of ice that's floating in the Detroit River. Yeah, I'd say that's even more terrifying.

That is exactly what happened to a dog owner that had recently adopted a dog. The owner was out with his new dog when she somehow got away and made her way into the Detroit River. Not only in the river but onto a thin piece of ice that was floating in the river.

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Wyandotte police and fire eventually showed to help rescue the poor dog. You can tell in the video above that she was freezing and scared to death.

Rescuers used a catchpole which is used to catch or control an animal. They were able to get the catchpole around the dog's head and pull her off the floating piece of ice and into the freezing water. She was in the icy water for only a moment before rescuers were able to pull her out to safety.

WXYZ YouTube
WXYZ YouTube

You could hear a sigh of relief and some clapping from crews and others that were standing by. What an awesome rescue and it was all caught on camera.

The Wyandotte police and fire crews did an amazing job.

We're happy to report, the dog is going to be just fine.

Source: WXYZ

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