President Obama's Hood Brother Bracka Flacka Flame is back at it. This is the best. Whoever this guy is that does the skits is freakin' hilarious! I haven't even seen the real 60 Minutes interview but I'm rollin' on the ground watching this one.

I would love to ask President Obama if he gets a laugh or a kick out of all the spoofs that are done on him. Something tells me he does. I can see him at the "crib" with Michelle chilling with the laptop going on youtube laughing at all the videos. Well if he does then this guy should be his favorite.

I literally laugh every time he says "if you want that beef". And the funniest part is the fact that I HATE that McDonald's breakfast is only till 10:30am. That's some BS, maybe I didn't get up that early, or maybe I didn't have time on my way to work! I hope the real President will make this change lol.

If you want to see the REAL interview here's a piece of it...

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