President Trump has signed the massive Covid relief package, meaning that the $600 stimulus payments are coming.

The drama around the relief package has been hanging over most American's heads during the last week. After bipartisan support, the package arrived on President Trump's desk, but he refused to sign it right away. He mirrored most American's thoughts that a $600 payment was not nearly enough to help after such a rough economic stretch.

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After some back and forth on Twitter about increasing the payments, Trump announced on Twitter that he signed the bill Sunday night.

The package has much more than Covid relief payments, and was key to avoiding an entire government shutdown.

The massive relief bill is in the trillions of dollars, and includes way to much to list here. The main things that we will see as citizens are the $600 checks that will most likely be delivered shortly after the first of the year. Another major helping point for us is the increase in food stamp and unemployment benefits for those hit hardest by the pandemic.

There is a chance that the $600 payment could be increased according to a press release from Trump released yesterday. The President is hoping to have payments increased to $2000, but it comes with a catch. Trump details some sections of the package he wants repealed, and demands an investigation into voter fraud. So just like everything else, instead of just doing what's best for the American people, he is lumping in his own personal agenda.

I think everyone agrees that a $600 payment will barely make a dent in the wall we are all up against, but none of us are in a position to deny the money. The good news is that the incoming Biden administration has promised that more relief money will be on the way once he is officially sworn into office.


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