People are protesting Governor Whitmer's Stay Home Stay Safe order by locking down the streets in Lansing.

I didn't write about this protest before it happened because I did not want to bring any more publicity than it already had. The group behind the gathering is the Michigan Conservative Coalition. They posted a few guidelines about the gridlock operation on their FB page prior to the gathering.

Notice where "Don't block any first responders" was on the list.

In the next to last spot. . . . and guess what happened.


That's right, traffic was locked up so bad that ambulances couldn't get where they needed to be, and there were large groups of people standing together outside of their cars.

Nobody loves what is going on right now, but most are smart enough to realize that it's all in the name of safety. You'd have to be a fool to think that ordering the economy shut down is something that any political official would want to do! This is the first time that any of us have been through anything like this, but that's no excuse for what some people are willing to do in the name of freedom.

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This is not a news article. This is my opinion on the irresponsibility of some people in Michigan during a pandemic.

I don't ask you to agree with me. I'm not writing this to convince you of anything, so please refrain from trying to convince me. I just hope that despite the poor decisions made by the protesters today, nobody else will get sick. I hope that the ambulances that were stuck made it to their destination, and nobody suffered because of the delay.

Most importantly I hope that if you disagree with the stay home order, you find a way to respectfully make it known without endangering yourself or others. Today's protest was about as selfish as it gets.


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