How much do you love Michigan? Would you say enough to get the “Pure Michigan” logo tattooed somewhere on your body? If not, you do not have nearly as much pride for the state as some residents.

There have been some sightings, and now photos, of people branded with Michigan-themed tattoos. Michelle Grinnell, with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, says a friend recently sent her a photograph of someone with the Pure Michigan logo tattooed across the lower back. “I think it is kind of a signal of how passionate our fans are and how passionate people are about the state of Michigan,” Grinnell told Mlive.

While this concept seems a bit bizarre, some area tattoo artists claim that people have been getting tattoos to show Michigan pride for many years – mostly just outlines of the state and the Great Lakes, said one artist.

Although the MEDC admits they have not seen other people with tattoos of the Pure Michigan logo, they are not ruling out the possibility. “It’s the first one that I have seen. I would not be totally shocked if there were others out there. I know we have done in the past pure Michigan temporary tattoos at events that were very popular,” said Grinnell.

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