"Skunk takes over Flint, sprays entire city" is something that would come straight out of "The Onion", but the Genesee County Health Department is saying this is no laughing matter.

You're sitting in your house, alone. The wind starts to howl and then...the power goes out. You go to find your cell phone, but all of the sudden you see two glowing eyes looking at you, and you know its too late. The Flint Rabid Skunk is here to spray you to death and eat you.

...sorry. I went a little too far. The first case of rabies is real, and the Genesee County Health Department is warning the people of Flint to be on the lookout. Rabies can be fatal if not treated immediately, and the health department is asking its residents to make sure you and your pets have gotten your rabies shot.

Although the exact location of this rabid skunk was not provided, the health department is warning that the chances of getting rabies increase around this time of year.

Residents are asked to call the Genesee County Health Department if you have any questions and Genesee County Animal Control at 810-732-1660 to report an animal with rabies.


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