While on Facebook, I saw the video posted of the racist mom who called a black man the N-word several times while allowing her kids to join in.  The video has went viral and many people are disappointed in her actions.  Please be advised of the strong language. 

A black man in Cheektowaga, New York, pulled out his phone to catch the verbal attack from the racist mom while sitting in his car.  From the video she claims driver started his and scared her children.  Using the opportunity to start a verbal fight, she went on a racial slur laced rant.

The obviously upset woman gets on the phone to call her husband to come assault the man in the car.  At one point her kids join her in spewing racial slurs.   Next she threatens to throw coffee on the victim and he quickly rows up the window.

Later, an affiliate station of ours spoke the upset mom over the phone and she revealed that she is not a racist, she is bipolar.  During the interview with WBLK 93.7, her identity was revealed as Janelle Ambrosia.

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