If you have not watched the hidden camera footage of a black man bringing his white girlfriend into a Harlem barbershop, you need to see what happens.  It's amazing to see what happens when one person decides to publicly hate another based on skin color alone.

I want to be completely honest with you here when I say that I am not surprised at all by how the customers in the barber shop reacted.

I think that placing an actor in a position to be the "over the top racist" is a very poor attempt to try and push other people into joining her.  The whole thing feels like a set up to try and victimize the poor white girl who is just there to support her man.

I think that in a real world situation, no normal person would ever say the things that this paid actor is saying.  Her entire demeanor is to start a confrontation, not only between her and the girl, but with any one else in the barbershop.

Like I said before, I was not surprised by the bystanders reactions, but I was proud to see people react the way they did.  Race is slowly becoming a non-issue, and while there are still plenty of issues that still exist, most people have realized the truth.

The truth is simple.  We are all people.  We all do things differently, like different things, react to different things and we'll disagree sometimes.  That is life and we are all people living life.

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