The Disability Network has teamed up with Over The Edge to bring a cool event to the city of Flint this summer by giving people the opportunity to rappel down a multistory building!

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TDN and Over the Edge will be partnering again with the historic Durant Luxury Apartments in downtown Flint as the rappelling site.


Community members who want the experience of rappelling down the side of the eight-story historic building will raise a minimum of $500 before August 13, 2021, to secure their spot for event day.


There are additional incentives along the way when rappelers raise $1000 and $2000, including a coffee gift basket or a VIP experience with complimentary hotel room stay.

That's super cool! The fact that proceeds are going towards charity makes this even better! Heck, I would do this every weekend if Flint had a rock climbing center. I know P3 opened up a while back in Flint, but it's not the same. This event looks like it'll get your heart racing on a whole different level!

I can't for this year's Back to the Bricks! With covid-19 running all the fun last year I'm determined to get out and have fun this year. If this event sounds fun to you click the link below to get registered!

To register go to or call 810.742.1800.


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