We're all carrying masks with us wherever we go now, but remember that it is illegal in Michigan to hang it from your rear view mirror.

Michigan is one of many states that has a law against hanging anything from your rear view mirror in the name of safety. The actual law states that anything obstructing the vision of the driver is illegal. The face mask, regardless of the current conditions, definitely falls under that description.

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Does that mean that the police are going to be out looking for people with masks on their mirrors? Probably not. They are dealing with so many more important things right now to worry about that. I would think that at most, it would be a warning from an officer if you were pulled over.

Let's pretend that the police were handing out tickets for hanging a mask from your mirror. According to the MSP, the ticket comes with a $100 fine for each time a driver is issued a ticket.

I don't personally know anyone that's been even pulled over for having something hanging from their rear view mirror, much less ticketed. I have been told by a Genesee County Officer to take an air freshener down once when I was pulled over for speeding, but even then it was more of an afterthought.

I did reach out to the Michigan State Police on Twitter to see if they had an official statement. When they reply, I'll include the update to this story.

In the meantime, the MSP are doing a wide range of duties during the pandemic. They are obviously helping to keep everyone safe, but they are also broadcasting all of the Governors Coronavirus updates on Twitter. Something cool that they posted over the weekend is a coloring activity for kids.



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