Today is a big day for restaurants in Michigan, but not everyone is thrilled about it.

After a long pause for indoor dining put in place by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, restaurants are allowed to open for in person dining today. There are quite a few restrictions that restaurants have to abide by to be open. While most customers are happy to be able to go back inside to eat, some businesses are worried that this is a recipe for disaster.

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The part that most restaurant owners are having a hard time with is the fact that they have to operate at just 25% capacity. There are some establishments that have even opted to just stay closed, rather than lose money being open under the restrictions. The restaurant's that do open are going to have a handful of problems to work through.

The biggest challenge will be making a profit when operating at 25% capacity for indoor seating. The good news is that most places have established a great way to offer carry out service, so hopefully customers will continue to utilize that method.

When it comes to the customers, there are mixed feelings about the reopening. While most people are excited that their favorite restaurant is reopening, I think everyone is still a little nervous about being in a large public setting. With the vaccine rollout going slower than expected, and the introduction of a faster spreading Covid variant, everyone is cautious. We asked people on our Facebook page where they would be going to eat first, and a surprising amount answered that they would be staying home for the time being.

I'm thrilled that restaurants are able to be back open, but I definitely feel the hesitation that some have about going to eat.

If you are planning on going out, where is your first stop going to be?


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