Rapper Rick Ross is being sued by Cross River State Government for a breach in contract.  Rick Ross was suppose to perform at the Calabar Festival in Nigeria and didn't hit the stage.  Cross River State was not inform by Rick Ross team that he wasn't attending.  Reports are saying that Rick Ross did receive payment but hasn't returned the funds back to the Cross River State Government.

The CRSG has hired American lawyers to file the lawsuit for breach of contract to try and get the money back.  Now you are probably thinking that Rick Ross didn't show up due to health reason. NOPE!  He did a no call, no show.

According to www.InformantionNigeria.org

“The rapper, Rick Ross, has issued a statement cancelling his performance at the Calabar Festival, scheduled for December 28, 2011, for reasons not related to his recent surgery and seizures.  “The performer’s cancellation is unexpected and the reasons are unknown to Cross River State since he has confirmed receipt of his entire performance fee many weeks ago.