Its only right to call mom when you have news like this.

I have to start this off by letting people know that this my real mother and this is an actual call between the two of us. The other day after airing a call on my show -- where I called and harassed a racist pizza boy -- I received some backlash from people, who I can only assume, agreed with what the racist pizza boy was saying. There were two men in particular that felt what I had did was childish and uncalled for. They even went as far as calling me a racist.

I have been working in entertainment for only three years, so I am relatively new to the business, but even I have already learned to take criticism. When some one accuses you of being something, that you are clearly not, without ever meeting you can come as a shock. So I had to tell the most important person in my life the news and I knew it was not going to be easy.