"Empire" star Jussie was brutally attacked by two masked men that put a noose around his head and poured bleach on him.

It's a sad world we live in were a complete stranger would have so much hate in their heart that they would go out and attack a complete stranger for no reason. But this complete stranger just happen to be Jussie Smollett who is a open homosexual actor that fell victim to needless violence.

Now the details of the attack are harsh. Reports say that Jussie fought back as these two men with ski masks jumped him, breaking a rib and putting his head in a noose while yelling "This is MAGA country" and pouring bleach on him. Jussie checked himself into a hospital and has since been released.

From what I see, Jussie is an amazing person in real life. And to see him become a target of a hate crime is unsettling. Let's use this as a lesson to make sure we keep our celebrities protected at all times. Because the only way to stop hate this deep, is with armed security...

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