Ron Artest has a message for Amare Stoudemire... "Gasol has us"!

Amare Stoudemire has recently said that Pau Gasol is "Soft", which a lot of NBA Players say about him and many other European players (i.e. Dirk, Peja, Darko). Well one thing is for sure and that is that Gasol has 2 more rings than Gasol and he and the Lakers beat Amare and the Suns in last years playoffs. But the cool thing about all this is that Gasol has enforcers. One would be Ron Artest who in the video says "He don't have to be hard... he got us" and then goes on to say "Look at this chest", as he flexes his pecs! HAHA I love this crazy guy... I wasn't even mad when he went in the stands at the Palace because I can't say that I wouldn't have myself. I wish I had people that had my back like this..