Saginaw Schools face a $6.1 Million debt, and a plan to help bring the district back into the black is not going over well with most Saginaw residence.

Superintendent Carlton Jenkins submitted his proposal that would close one of the city's high schools and lay off dozens of employees. Jenkins plan would eliminate $3.3 Million from the deficit, but the cuts are hard for some to swallow.  According to WNEM, the cuts are as follows:

Personnel Reductions:

  • 14.5 Teachers
  • 6 Administrators
  • 8 Secretaries
  • 1 Social Worker
  • 2 Counselors
  • 1 Library Aide
  • 2 Special Education Aides

The following schools would stay open.

Heavenrich- District Wide Pre-K

K-5 Schools:

  • Chester Miller
  • Handley
  • Herig
  • Kempton
  • Loomis
  • Rouse
  • Stone
  • Ruben Daniels

Thompson Academy 6th Grade District-Wide

  • Arthur Hill Academy 7-12
  • Saginaw High Academy 7-12
  • K-8 Zilwaukee
  • Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy 6-12
  • Saginaw Career Complex 9-12

If Jenkins' proposal does not pass, schools could be closed as a result of the meeting including Saginaw High and two other schools to cut the district's deficit. Under the plan, Saginaw High students would attend Arthur Hill High School.

A meeting will take place at noon today (Monday) and a vote is expected to approve or deny the plan.

Do you think this is the start of a road to recovery for Saginaw Schools or a turn for the worse?

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