The Saginaw High and Saginaw Arthur Hill rivalry is one of the oldest in the state, but it has officially come to an end.

The High vs Arthur Hill rivalry has been a Michigan high school football staple forever. The two teams have a long history of success on the football field, but that has not been the story lately. With a shrinking student count and many financial issues, the decision was made to merge the two into one team.

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I can't imagine being an alumni from either school, and waking up to the news that your biggest rival is now your teammate.

Within the next couple of years, Saginaw High will close their doors and the two schools will merge. The decision to merge the football teams early comes out of safety and necessity. According to WNEM, both teams have had trouble fielding a full team over the last few years. This puts players in a position of playing every minute of every game, or underclassmen playing Varsity before they are physically ready. This can become a serious safety issue for those students.

The Saginaw Valley League signed off on the merger now so the two teams can combine and field a singe team in 2021.

Hopefully the move will help both teams return to some of their former glory. It has been a struggle over the last decade for both teams. Saginaw High has not had a winning season since 2003, and Arthur Hill has not had a winning season since 2008.

When the new team takes the field this fall, they will be known as the Saginaw United with a team name and mascot coming next year.


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