Reports are showing that Mid-Michigan is about to get hit later this afternoon with some big storms! Looks like Saginaw will be getting hit the roughest part while Flint and the surrounding areas are gonna get smacked around a bit as well.

I hope by now if you live in Michigan that you've invested in flood insurance because it's becoming a very common occurrence here.

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A line of storms, potentially with scattered severe storms within it, will dive from the northwest to the southeast Tuesday afternoon and evening.


The first leading edge of the line moves into our northern counties between 2pm and 3pm and continues to the Saginaw Bay region by 5pm. 

Michigan has been no stranger to major storms this year. A lot of people in the northern tip of Michigan are still recovering from a few major storms that flooded out entire areas. So make sure you are shopping for the best deal from your home insurance policy. Flint hasn't really been hit with any crazy flooding as of yet. Fingers crossed that we can make it through the year without any of that happening.


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