We're all watching a lot more TV during the Coronavirus pandemic, and according to a new survey, Michigan has a new favorite show.

CableTV.com put together a list of the shows that each state have watched the most during the pandemic. Tiger King is obviously on every states list, but with limited episodes there wasn't enough viewership to become the most viewed show in most states.

Michigan and Wisconsin are full of Shameless fans apparently. The show turned up as the most watched in both states, but not anywhere else in the country. I was a little surprised considering I've never seen one episode of Shameless.

I'm also surprised because it seems like The Office is on a constant loop in my house right now, but we must be one of the only ones. The Office did show up in quite a few states though, as you can see from the map below. Click on the map to see the full version from CableTV.com.

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I still refuse to believe that so many people are still watching Friends. I know I'm in the minority here, but the show wasn't really funny when it was on, and it definitely does not age well.

This is obviously not a perfect model, but it's always interesting to see what people are doing while stuck in their houses. I'm guessing that these shows probably change monthly, but the snapshot while we are in the pandemic is unique to say the least.

Let us know what your favorite show has been during the pandemic in the comments below.


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