Shaquille O'Neal is calling it a career! I think we all saw this coming but it's still kind of sad. Shaq is one of the most enduring and funny athletes of all-time. There are so many hilarious things he's done or said. Check out my favorite Shaq moments that weren't on the court.

After 19 long and great seasons in the NBA Shaq is finally retiring. He was the oldest person in the NBA this year and looked it on the court! This was sad to see because he's been such a dominate force in the League for sooooo long. His stats speak for themselves. He's gonna be in the Hall of Fame for sure and can now spend time with his girlfriend

'Hoopz' from Flava of Love. In honor of the 'Diesel', I've compiled a few of my favorite moments from Shaquille O'Neal that weren't plays during a game! Enjoy... Good Luck Shaq.

First here's the video of him saying he's retiring...

This might be my favorite! Shaq get's down with the Jabbawockeez! He can move...

This is him getting at a reporter!

Shaq and Barkley fight!!!

Him battling Justin Bieber in a dance off!