Getting kicked out for holding a sign? Seriously? I thought they were being pretty calm and not causing too much of a ruckus.

I'm not going to lie, I would love to attend a Donald Trump rally. I mean think about it, being surrounded by thousands of people who think all Muslims are racist and people that all share the IQ of a field mouse would be very entertaining. Its a giant cauldron of America's most racist and delusional people!  These two guys decided to peacefully protest at Donald Trump's most recent rally, and the ending is typical of someone who doesn't accept any other views other than "Making America Great" *insert sarcasm here*

The fact that these two got kicked out for simply holding a sign is insane. Not only did they get escorted out, but they didn't even get to keep their signs! C'mon now! What happened to having a different opinion? Either way I hope this happens at every single Donald Trump rally because this is far more entertaining than listening to a delusional racist spew hatred about putting up a wall and "kicking out Muslims"

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