Make sure to check your speedometer when driving in Flint because the Flint Police are cracking down on speeding and reckless driving.

The Flint Police are focusing on two specific traffic violations during the course of this traffic sting. They are most concerned with speeding, and reckless driving in the city. A big push to start the sting started this summer when the police fielded more calls than usual about illegal drag racing.

The sting started in September, and according to the the Flint Police it lead to an increase in tickets written. The total number of tickets written during the September sting was 275, which is higher than the average.

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Another area of focus for the police is cars driving without a license plate. I'm not sure if you noticed during the pandemic, but it seemed like there were many more cars on the roads without a plate. I don't know this for sure, but with the SOS offices being closed, and most penalties being waived, I think some people just never got a new plate.

Now that those penalties are back in place, the Flint Police are cracking down on cars without a valid plate. Police reps are making it very clear what will happen if you are driving without a valid plate.

If you are driving a vehicle without a plate on it, you will be stopped and you will receive a ticket

One of the preventative measures the Flint Police Department is planning on taking in the near future involves temporary speed bumps.

These speed bumps can be moved around from location to location based on speeding reports. Flint Police had planned on putting them in this fall, but those plans have been pushed back to spring with the winter weather getting close.

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