The Flint Police Department has expanded its efforts by opening up two new mini stations in the city of Flint. These mini stations should help cover the remaining gaps in the surrounding area giving police a higher chance of catching bad guys and responding to emergencies.

This is something the people of Flint have wanted for a very long time, and now we're finally in a position to see if these mini stations will actually work.

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Flint Police Department is reopening the building beside Franklin Avenue Mission Church on Bennet Street and Franklin to better reach the community. Detective booth says will allow for less traffic at the main location.


The station that we’re standing at, Franklin and Bennet. We’re looking to open in about two weeks,” Tyron Booth, Detective Sargent for the Flint Police Department said, “Currently, we have stations out of each sector of the city of Flint, north, west, and south.”

These mini stations will need the help of the community though. They will mostly be run by local volunteers with the support of the FPD. Which is the perfect recipe to keep our communities in check. Law enforcement can only reach their full potential when they coordinate with locals. This is our opportunity to step up and take back our city. Don't allow the recent influx of violence in Flint to deter you from fighting to have a better neighborhood.

Help is on the way, stay vigilant and be ready to take back your neighborhood.

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