If you've noticed a haze in the air this week, you're not imagining things.

The haze that we've been noticing in Michigan this week is actually smoke from the devastating wildfires on the west coast. There are numerous fires burning out of control in California, Washington, and Oregon right now. This season things have gotten so bad that the smoke from the fires has traveled across the entire country.

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The haze that we've been seeing pales in comparison to the amount of smoke up and down the west coast. The fires have been so bad this year, that most residents are living under daily air quality warnings.

The smoke here has not gotten that bad yet, but you should be careful if you have asthma or some other breathing issue. The smoke can catch you by surprise because it doesn't appear terrible to our eyes. The fact is that it can cause someone with asthma to struggle breathing within 20 minutes.

You can see in the video below how the smoke from the west coast wildfires are even affecting our weather here in Michigan.

Two of my very good friends just moved to San Francisco last year, and have been taking some pictures of the skies around them during the fires.


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