Someone in Flint had a very good weekend after winning $2 Million in the Powerball drawing.

The Michigan Lottery reported that someone bought the winning ticket at Randy's Food Center on Miller Road. The person matched the five white balls with the power play, earning them the $2 Million prize.

Randy's Food Center via Google Street View
Randy's Food Center via Google Street View

The winning numbers were 7, 36, 48, 57, 58 and the Powerball was 24. Matching all five white balls gets the winner $1 Million, but the Powerplay doubled the prize money. There were no grand prize winners, so the jackpot will be around $112 Million for Wednesdays drawing.

The winner has yet to claim their prize, but is sure to be mobbed with long lost relatives as soon as they do come forward.

Imagine winning a life changing amount of money like that . . . would you want everyone to know?

I know that everyone has a select group of people that they plan on helping as soon as they win the lottery, but that group probably grows once you actually win.

Good luck on whoever the lucky winner is, because huge amounts of money like this have historically lead to problems for the winner. I hope you are able to keep somewhat of a normal life, while still enjoying the wealth.

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