Soulja Boy wants all the smoke with any rapper who wants it with him.

Big Drako was seemingly inebriated when he jumped onto his Instagram Story on Monday night (March 25), welcoming any rapper who has an issue with him to meet him in the DMs.

"All you rap niggas do me a favor—hit my DM and let me know who want smoke because I’m ready to shoot one of y’all niggas and knock one of y’all niggas out," Soulja said. "So if you want smoke, hit the DM right now. Let me know."

There's no telling what prompted the rant of sorts, but the rapper hasn't been mincing his words at all as of late. Just a few days prior, Soulja loudly and proudly told luxury brand Gucci to "suck my dick," as he holds firm in his stance against them following their blackface controversy.

"Fuck Gucci, nigga! Gucci canceled! Nigga, fuck outta here! Gucci racist as fuck," Soulja said on stage at the High Times Dope Cup in Adelanto, Calif. on Sunday (March 24). "Man, y'all got me fucked up! Gucci put out that racist ass shit with that blackface shit on that shit. Nigga, fuck Gucci—on my momma, nigga!"

He also threw shots at 6ix9ine earlier this month, making a joke at the rapper's expense following his own brief jail stint.

"Big Draco, I'm out of jail, nigga!" he said in an Instagram video upon being released from jail in Los Angeles. "This shit ain't gonna stop, bruh! You got me fucked up! I had the biggest comeback in 2018! I'm not gonna go out like 6ix9ine, you got me fucked up, bruh."

Clearly, Soulja Boy isn't playing in 2019.

Watch his PSA to any rappers who want the smoke below.

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