Starlite Coney Island is a Genesee County staple, and now they are looking to hire cooks and servers.

This is a far cry from where we were in March when the Coronavirus pandemic forced Starlite to close down. I can say that all of my friends and co-workers were worried that they might be forced to close for good. Luckily, the pandemic has been well managed in Michigan, and many businesses are making a solid comeback.

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Starlite is one of the businesses making a strong comeback, and the proof of that is that they are hiring.

Starlite is looking for cooks, servers, and even a 3rd shift manager. You can get more information about the job posting and even apply online at

The Center Rd Starlite location is back open for sit down dining 24hrs a day, and the Court St location is open 9a-7p Monday through Saturday (9a-6p on Sunday).

I realize that we still have a very long road ahead of us when it comes to the pandemic, but I can't help but be happy to see businesses hiring again. Especially when it is a staple of the community like Starlite. Think about all of the businesses that have been hit so hard by the pandemic. Some were forced to lay off a majority of their employee's, and even worse, some might not reopen at all.

Hopefully, we are starting the trip in the right direction on our road back to normal.


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