Former NBA stars Stephen Jackson, and Rasheed Wallace will be in Flint Friday for a rally at the Evergreen-Regency Homes.

Both Rasheed and Jackson have been crucial to helping Flint in the past. They have both taken part in water distribution events in our city to help with the Flint Water Crisis.

Now the two are coming back to Flint on Friday to help the city, and spread the message of social justice.

Stephen Jackson was a personal friend of George Floyd, and since his murder, Jackson has traveled to rallies around the country. He and Wallace have worked together before in Flint, and with the help of a few community organizations, the two are coming to help on Friday July 17th.

The event will serve a few purposes including a social injustice rally, and resource distribution. The resources include water, food, and information for Flint residents.

The event setup starts at 11am, and the distribution part of the event will start around Noon. Both Wallace and Jackson will speak at the event, along with helping with water distribution.

Rasheed has been a leader in the fight to fix the Flint Water Crisis, and along the social justice front as well. He hosted a Juneteenth rally with Jackson, and I am guessing that tomorrows event in Flint will have a similar vibe to it.

If you plan on going to the event, please remember to mask up, and maintain a safe social distance. There will definitely be a crowd, so parking may be an issue at the Evergreen-Regency Homes in Flint.

Thank you to both Sheed and Jackson for continuing to support Flint with all that you do. Thank you also to The Q Connect, Hardwork ENT, New Era Detroit, and We See Greatness In You for helping to make this event happen.


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