The Sunset Village apartment complex has been condemned by the city of Flint and is set to close very soon.

Unfortunately, Sunset Village is still being occupied by residents. Flint's Mayor Sheldon Neeley says that the apartments don't have any water, nor does it have any heat. Making it super difficult to clean and maintain the apartment complex.

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"Right now, it's about the health and welfare and safety of those individuals that currently reside in that complex trying to assist them through our partners to find secure living facilities suitable for families to live and reside in that's not in a condemned state," said Sheldon Neeley, Flint Mayor. 

I feel for these people, but it sounds like the apartment complex was headed in a dark direction. I've seen first hand what people are willing to live in and it's sad to see our city in such a depressive state. But this is the right step.

The Mayor also goes on to say that they will indeed help assist people with finding new homes.  We have to repair our city and that begins with one location at a time.


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