Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams shows you how to make a mask from household items.

With the CDC recommendations that we all wear masks in public it's time to start thinking about where or how you can get one. The messaging around face masks has been inconsistent to say the least, but it looks like now the CDC wants everyone to mask up.

The problem is that there is a major shortage of proper masks, and the supply that we do have should be dedicated to healthcare professionals.

Now the CDC and Surgeon General are saying that any mask is better than no mask. This is being displayed in the video above where Dr. Adams makes a mask out of a t-shirt. CDC director Robert Redfield talked about why they're recommending any mask now.

There is scientific data to show that when you spray virus through a cloth barrier, you have a reduction in the amount of virus that gets through the other side.


I know I'll be making a few homemade masks when I have to go out in public. The most recent warning by the Surgeon General that the next week or two will be our toughest yet is enough for me.

You can watch his grim interview below.

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