There's a reminder on a Swartz Creek community Facebook page that extends to folks well beyond the boundaries of 48473:  When things are launched into the air during a memorial service, they eventually will land.

Sometimes that falling debris is simply an annoyance. Other times balloons and lanterns can be potentially harmful to property or animals.

Zoe Avery Sutter is a resident of the subdivision near Elms Park in Swartz Creek. She posted a respectful account of what happened after a memorial in the park on Sunday.

"They set off about 20 lanterns and probably 5 balloons. while this is nice for the family, all of these lanterns landed in our subdivision, and we are now left to clean them up. some came down to the ground still lit, and could’ve set things on fire."


The Comments Section

As is usually the case, the comments section was peppered with insults, arguments, and name-calling.

But filtering all of that out, there were some really good points.

Swartz Creek Area Parents and School Community via Facebook

And launching anything into the air when it's still on fire can pose additional threats.

Swartz Creek Area Parents and School Community via Facebook

Finally, A Solution

Whaddaya know, someone posted a comment that made a great deal of sense. I know, right? We're all just a little taken aback.

Swartz Creek Area Parents and School Community via Facebook

Love the idea of releasing butterflies to honor someone who has passed away. There are even companies that sell butterfly packages online.


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