The small town of Swartz Creek is trying to understand how a young man like Brendon Fitch could be gone so soon.

The record setting quarterback and popular senior at Creek is now gone and his family, friends and entire community are left with more questions than answers.  The school held crisis management sessions for the students and staff shortly after the announcement of Brendon death.

There have been no confirmations on how Brendon died, but friends online have said that he took his own life.  Hours before Brendon was lost, he posted two Twitter messages that now reveal more than anyone could have known.


The words "Can't wait to wake up and it all just be gone" are more powerful now than anyone could have ever known when they were originally published.

The outpouring of emotions on Twitter by Brendon's classmates show how much this young man will be missed.


While I never had the honor of meeting Brendon personally, I was lucky enough to see him set a Michigan High School Football record against Kearsley.  We were covering the game for FOX66 and I actually talked to Brendon's girlfriend at the time.  I wish there were a way to go back in time and show Brendon how important he was off the field to all of the students in the stands with me.

Brendon Fitch Facebook

Please remember that there are always other options when you start feeling down, and there are ALWAYS people to help.  The last thing that the world needs is to lose another unique, special person like Brendon or you.

If you ever have thoughts about hurting yourself, please call someone for help.  If you don't know who to call, THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO START.

Here is a part of the segment that aired earlier in the year about Brendon.