Downtown Flint

Military In Downtown Flint
It's been a week since the military exercises began in Flint with a shocking start, and this weekend some of the action was caught on camera.
7 Things That We Wish Were in Downtown Flint
We all know that downtown Flint is one the best places to hang out in our beloved city. The 'Vehicle City' is turning around and there are just a few things we wish we had downtown.  Here are seven things that we wish were placed near Saginaw Street.
Stop The Silence 3 on 3
The second annual 'Stop The Silence' 3-on-3 basketball tournament is hitting the streets of downtown Flint this weekend with a very positive message.
Flint Farmers Market Opens
The Flint Farmers Market celebrated their grand opening inside their new downtown Flint location, and thousands of people came out to support.
Gen Towers Falling Down
On Sunday December 22nd, the downtown Flint skyline will be permanently changed.  The Genesee Towers are scheduled to be imploded at 10am, and preparations have already started.
Flint Preps For Demolition
ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI
The roads around the Genesee Towers closed without warning yesterday, but the city did confirm that it is a preparatory move for the demolition of the Towers.

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