Flint firefighters rushed to Buckham Alley Thursday afternoon after flames were spotted on top of the buildings.

I happened to be dropping lunch off to my wife yesterday shortly before all of the action in Buckham Alley. She works in downtown Flint, and her building is in Buckham Alley, so they had a front row seat to what happened. The fire was reported Thursday afternoon, and despite some building damage, the good news is that nobody was hurt.

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When the fire first was reported, rumors spread quickly that The Torch was the business burning. In that block of Buckham Alley, the buildings share walls, so it's not always easy to pick where one business ends and the other begins from the outside. The Torch confirmed on Facebook that they were not involved in the blaze, and that they would be open for business Friday.

Torch Facebook
Torch Facebook

Not all of the businesses in the alley were lucky enough to avoid fire damage though.

Comma Bookstore & Social Hub did take on some damage, but according to their Facebook page, it seems minimal.

According to ABC12, the fire was contained to the second floor of the building, and that everyone got out safely.

Buckham Alley has become central to the social revival in downtown Flint, so the fire caught the attention of many. Luckily it sounds like the fire was contained fairly quickly, and the alley won't suffer any long term or permanent damage.

Buckham Alley hosts many concerts and events throughout the year, and we are hoping that all of the businesses involved are able to make a full recovery.


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