Michigan Unemployment

Michigan Unemployment Extended Benefits Are Coming To An End
This Saturday, April 17th the Michigan Unemployment Extended Benefits program is coming to an end.
On the plus side, companies everywhere are hiring like crazy! This to me is actually a good sign. If the extended benefits program is coming to an end then the unemployment rate must be slowly coming ba…
Michigan’s Unemployment Website Back Up and Running
Michigans Unemployment website crashed for a few hours yesterday as the state experienced an overwhelming amount of traffic on their website.
Thousand of people tried to apply for the federal benefits yesterday as more people have become eligible again after the recent green light on unemployment ben…
$1 Trillion Economic COVID-19 Relief Package On the Way
Top congressional leaders have finally agreed on a huge stimulus package that should be coming down the pipeline soon.
With families and businesses struggling left and right I honestly feel like this money can't come fast enough.
Top Capitol Hill negotiators sealed a deal Sunday on an almost $1 trilli…
New Stimulus Bill Is On The Way
Congress has finally decided on a stimulus plan to extend unemployment benefits.
Took you guys long enough.
The new bill, introduced last week by a group of bipartisan lawmakers, will not include individual payments but does include a $300 per week unemployment benefit...
Gov. Whitmer Requests $100 Million In COVID-19 Relief Plan
Governor Gretchen Whitmer has put out a plan that urges the legislature to give $100 million dollars in COVID-19 relief.
The real question is it enough? I'm getting less confident every day.
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has written a letter to Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, Minority Leader Jim Ananich, Speake…