This Saturday, April 17th the Michigan Unemployment Extended Benefits program is coming to an end.

On the plus side, companies everywhere are hiring like crazy! This to me is actually a good sign. If the extended benefits program is coming to an end then the unemployment rate must be slowly coming back to some sort of normalcy, maybe.

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Michigan announced the state will be ending its Unemployment Extended Benefits program on Saturday, April 17, 2021 due to lower unemployment rates across the state.

Extended Benefits are available when Michigan’s total unemployment rate averages 6.5% or higher for three consecutive months. Michigan has paid approximately $419 million in extended benefits, the state said.

Details are showing that job openings are exploding on the scene right now. Hiring companies like Advance Employment is stating that thousands of jobs have hit the market and it's time for Michiganders to get back to work!

Advance Employment looks to connect people with fitting careers.

Mitchell said they have hundreds of positions available for a person depending on their experience and skill set.

Life needs purpose, and work is a recipe for happiness if you can find that sweet spot. I can understand being hesitant after being outta work for so long, but you don't wanna miss out on this huge wave of employment opportunities coming down the pipeline.


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