Governor Gretchen Whitmer has put out a plan that urges the legislature to give $100 million dollars in COVID-19 relief.

The real question is it enough? I'm getting less confident every day.

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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has written a letter to Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, Minority Leader Jim Ananich, Speaker Lee Chatfield and Minority Leader Christine Greig urging them to pass a $100 million MI COVID Relief plan as well as pass a permanent extension of unemployment benefits.

COVID-19 has devastated our economy. Small businesses are being drained by the current pause. Bigger companies are cutting employees in order to stabilize internal revenue. Which is all bad for everyone else. I have friends and family that work hard every day and still lost their jobs due to COVID. And with the current work environment unless you have essential skills it's gonna be super tough for you to find a job during this pandemic.

That's why another stimulus plan or unemployment extension isn't just a good idea but a necessity. Yea, they'll be idiots that take their money and blow it on dumb stuff, and that's fine. Ultimately people like that will regret not saving or investing their money for the next big pause or whatever that's coming in 2021. And if this current economic climate doesn't have you nervous for next year then I suggest you ask yourself a serious question. "Do I have enough resources to survive?" The moment your not sure how to answer that question is when it's time to start planning. Because there won't always be a stimulus check to bail you out.

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