Congress has finally decided on a stimulus plan to extend unemployment benefits.

Took you guys long enough.

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The new bill, introduced last week by a group of bipartisan lawmakers, will not include individual payments but does include a $300 per week unemployment benefit. It also includes $160 billion for state and local governments, a key item on the Democratic agenda, and a pause on some coronavirus related lawsuits, an item from the GOP side. It also includes more funding for health care, transit, small businesses, and schools.


Now, I can understand it takes a bit of time to come to an agreement on how much money people need right. I honestly feel like you can't give out enough. This pandemic has crippled more people than you think, and if you happen to be one of the unfortunate people that lost their job during the pandemic then you know how important this is.

I also feel like the general public doesn't understand how critical this is. Some of you will say "get a job" or "no needs that much money" and I would respectfully disagree. I get that the first round of stimulus money made people go a bit overboard. But when you give money to a group of people that never had money before, your gonna see some bad spending habits. But that money went fast, and people are hurting now more than ever, and finding a job during the pandemic is a nightmare for most people.

I hope this money comes fast and swift. I know a few personal friends with kids that are struggling right now and this extra cash will definitely help.

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