This is too much... First it's offensive, then it's hilarious! What would you do?

I know good and dog gone well that if I did this at my home, yall would be reading my obituary "Here lies Dubb... A boy that on March 15th lost his mind... and lost his life"! hahaha. I just don't understand this theory that you don't hit your kids. I'm not saying beat them, but you definitely smack em up a lil bit.. Put the Fear of God in them... Or the fear of having no teeth! I hate the fact that he even gets to talk to his MOM like that. Would you talk to your boss at work like that... NO! A teacher... NO! A cop... NO! So why MOM, that's her fault for not handling her responsibilities early as a parent. Either way it's funny if you watch it over and over again like me and Jeff did.. Wow!

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