Sik World Dragon Ball Z Rap [Video]
Dragon Ball Z first aired in America in 1996, since its first arrival to America it has pretty much been successful. From kids to adults everyone seems  to love it.
Emo Kid Raps [Video, NSFW]
Probably the worst thing about rap music is, there is an easy access for anyone to rap. The flood gates are open and it seems like the worse artist gets the most exposure. Add the internet to that scenario and watch things get 100 times worse.
Ice JJ Fish Debut Rap Single [Video, NSFW]
Not only does Ice JJ Fish sing, as well as dance, now he has decided to express himself through rapping, and has made a video for his "official video".
Along with his single his debut album is set to be released July 30th (which is a little over a week away).
The Alphabetical Rap (Video)
This may not be a new concept, but I live this, and takes a lot of skill and actual thinking.
To me this is true hip hop, being creative and having fun, and being lighthearted, rap doesn't have to be dark all the time.

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