Road Rage

Impatient Camaro Driver Causes Huge Accident [Video]
This driver needs to be charged with attempted murder. Not only did this driver cause a major accident, but he fled the scene.
An impatient Camaro driver caused a major accident and it was all caught on dash-cam footage. In the video the driver attempts to pass the truck on the shoulder, but catches …
Florida Road Rage Incident Produces Instant Karma and Laughs
The Florida road rage incident that produced instant karma and some laughs has made its way around the internet thanks to a camera phone. Everyone has that moment of rage while driving but no one expects the worst to happen. Watch what happens in the roads of Tampa.
Driver Takes Revenge On Second Driver [Video]
When a car tries to pass another one and gets blocked the Driver decides to get revenge. Road is just another way for stupid people to vent their frustrations in a more dangerous environment.
Taking out revenge on people on the road is not worth it.

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