Detroit From Space
Shane Kimbrough is currently flying around earth at about 17,000 miles an hour, but that didn't stop him from sharing an amazing picture of Detroit.
Six Ton Satellite Will Crash Into Earth Friday [Video]
NASA is expecting a six ton satellite to crash into earth late this week or early next week.
The satellite is basically a floating piece of space junk that has not been operable in quite a while.
When it hits the atmosphere, scientists expect it to break into 26 different pieces, and fall to earth.  C…
How NOT To Drink Water In Space
Footage of an astronaut drinking water in Outer Space has been getting a lot of attention lately. I didn't understand what the big deal was until I actually watched the video, and omg!
Now being that I am highly childish and immature I laughed at this all day long! But you don't  have to be me to enj…
A Flipbook History Of Pretty Much Everything [Video]
We all wasted our time in history class!  We could have just watched this 3 minute flip book and learned everything.  Seriously though, this is amazing!  The time and paper that went into this video must have been incredible.  Check it out and stop going to class.