The night sky over Wisconsin and Michigan lit up in mid-March 2021 when a meteor came streaking across Lake Michigan.

NASA's Meteor Watch notes that they received more than 60 reports from the region. What is most striking is the image of the fireball that was luckily captured by an Earth Cam set up on the bluff in St Joseph, Michigan to look over Silver Beach, South Pier and Lake Michigan.

While the majority of the reports came in from the Chicago area, on the Michigan side of the Lake, the event was sighted in Holland, Muskegon, Grand Rapids and near Berrien Springs.

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More conformations of the sighting came in on Facebook:

I spotted this in Grand Rapids, MI driving West on Hall St. near Fuller Ave. Did anyone else feel like it had a greenish blue hue? It was very cool, and quite bright.

Lake Odessa, MI it was also sighted!! Most AMAZING thing I’ve ever seen in my life

Saw it in Portage Mi, brightest I’ve ever seen.

This sighting only proves that you should always look up, you never know what your eye might see. It could also leave you yearning for dark sky preserves. Our urban lighting makes the night sky not nearly as spectacular as it could be. The state Department of Natural Resources maintains Dark Sky Preserves at 6 parks around the peninsulas and there are two International dark sky parks in Lower Peninsula including Lawless Park in Cass County. 

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