NASA is expecting a six ton satellite to crash into earth late this week or early next week.

The satellite is basically a floating piece of space junk that has not been operable in quite a while.

When it hits the atmosphere, scientists expect it to break into 26 different pieces, and fall to earth.  Could you be hit by one of these falling chunks of metal?  Check out the odds, its actually pretty scary!

The biggest piece of the satellite is expected to be about 350 pounds.  The odds of someone getting hit by a piece are 1 in 3,200, but no one has ever been hit by space junk in the past.

Call me crazy, but don't those odds seem a little to good?  Even if you are in your house, that 350 pounder will do some major damage!

*UPDATE* NASA is "pretty sure" that the satellite will not hit the U.S., but if you would like something a little more accurate than "pretty sure" you can track the falling satellite at

Check out a video put together from a series of pictures taken by a satellite as it orbits the earth.  The lightning is probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen.


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