Flint native Terry Crews is back, and this time he's fighting for dominance against the original old spice guy. This is going to be a battle that the world will never forget. Long live Mr. Crews!

Terry Crews has been blowing minds and helping guys not smell like a trash bin for the past couple years with Old Spice. Crews has been making Flint proud and showing off his 36 pack (Yes, I said 36 pack. He has a 6 pack on top of his 6 pack, times 6) and proving that the original old spice guy doesn't stand a chance. Now though, things are getting serious. The original old spice guy has started a battle that he isn't going to be able to finish in Old Spice's newest commercial. Let me be clear, this chump could NEVER beat Terry Crews. Crews is a beast that can play instruments WITH HIS MUSCLES.

I don't know how Old Spice packed this much mind-blowing action in less than 45 seconds, but they did and this is by far their best commercial yet. I can't wait to see this battle continue, even thought everyone in Flint knows how it's going to end. Terry Crews continue to destroy this man and make Flint proud!


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