Flint native Terry Crews goes before the US Senate to explain in detail how he was sexually assaulted back in 2016 and how Hollywood tries to cover it up.

Terry Crews is, physically speaking, probably the biggest actor in Hollywood, and yet he was still sexually assaulted by a high-level Hollywood agent. This shows you the nature of Hollywood and how disgusting that place really is.

Now you would think that Mr.Crews would have just grabbed that guy and ripped him in half. But he goes into detail about hard it is for black men in Hollywood to get opportunities and he didn't wanna become violent. I can't imagine the amount of self-control this guy has. And since the event the alleged groping agent has denied all accusations (duh) which tells me that Terry made the right move.

Had Terry Crews acted in violence (which he can) the conversation would have shifted and he would have potentially tainted his career forever. But he's making the right moves and hopefully, this new bill gets passed to help get these disgusting people out of positions of power.

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