Thanksgiving is finally here and many of us are getting ready to gather with family and friends to fill our plates with delicious foods. Although you may be tempted with their  adorable begging, beware,  many of the foods you’re looking forward to indulging in  can be dangerous for your pets.

With their cute little faces and silent whimpers it may be hard to resist a nibble from the table, but don't. Those things we love can be toxic and even deadly to those fur babies we love so much.

According to Pets Best, these are a list of food items to skip from your pets dinner dish:


Thanksgiving dressing is often made with onions, scallions or garlic. These ingredients, however, are extremely toxic to dogs and cats and can cause a life-threatening anemia (destruction of the red blood cells). It’s best to avoid feeding any amount of stuffing to pets.

2. HAM

Ham and other pork products can cause pancreatitis, upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea. Pork is also high in fat, which can lead to excessive weight in pets. Even a small amount of ham can contribute a very large amount of calories to a small dog or cat’s diet.


Bones can cause severe indigestion in dogs and cats, potentially causing vomiting and  obstructing the bowel. Bones may also splinter and cause damage to the inside of the stomach and intestines. In some cases, turkey bones may even puncture through the stomach and cause a potentially fatal abdominal infection.


While potatoes are safe for pets to eat, mashed potatoes usually contain butter and milk, which can cause diarrhea in lactose intolerant pets. Additionally, some recipes call for onion powder or garlic, which are very toxic to pets. Onions are toxic and could lead to anemia in dog.


There are many salads served at Thanksgiving that include grapes or raisins as an ingredient, from fruit salad, to waldorf salad, to ambrosia. However, grapes and raisins are very virulent and potentially deadly. Grapes can cause severe, irreversible and sometimes fatal kidney failure in dogs. Be sure to keep all dishes that include grapes and raisins away from pets.


While pumpkin pie is the most famous Thanksgiving dessert , many people offer a variety of chocolate desserts at Thanksgiving. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats, yet dogs love the smell and taste of it. The darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is. Keep all chocolate desserts out of the reach of pets to prevent an emergency trip to the veterinarian.

We all know accidents can happen and pets are pretty quick to steal a sample off your plate. If your pets ingest any of these foods this Thanksgiving be sure to call your veterinarian immediately and have them checked out. It’s also a good idea to make your family, especially younger children, aware of your pet’s dietary restrictions.

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